Are you also one of those who have started or about to start work from the office? If yes, then, surely this one is for you.

As many of us have started going to the office, and the rest of us will get back soon. Few businesses are already open, and some are in the process to reopen quickly. But here comes the right siren, can you hear that??? No, then you must.

With the reopening of the offices’, people will start traveling. But will that is going to be safe or not? No matter what and how many precautions our organization or we will take, the ultimate truth is that it will take time to get back to normal. And this brings equal responsibilities for the organization and its employees to protect themselves by taking all the necessary precautions.

In case you have started going office or are soon going to do so, here are the top 9 things you must take in to consider to help you cope up with life in an office after the lock-down is over.

1.) If possible, then it is better if you prefer to use the private vehicle over public vehicles and transport at least until the situation returns to normal because public transport might risk safety with contact transmission.

2.) Do not forget to use a mask along with gloves to avoid getting in contact with unwanted particles.

3.) While traveling avoids touching your face, mouth, nose, and eyes, as this might increase the risk of contamination.

4.) Make sure to sanitize your hands and get your temperature checked before entering the premises.

5.) Make sure that your desks, washrooms, and pantry should be properly disinfected before being in use. Also, it’s better to sanitize them at regular intervals.

6.) Companies should ask all the employees to avoid sharing office stationary.

7.) Try to have home-cooked food to stay away from food consumed and cooked in public places.

8.) To ensure the safety of the employees, the organizations must share all the necessary guidelines regularly.

9.) Other necessary measures include one-hour gaps between shifts and stagger lunch breaks. If possible, promote work from home culture until the situation comes back to normalcy.

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